McCloud-Pit Hydroelectric Project Relicensing

As prime consultant supporting PG&E, Stillwater Sciences oversees 34 individual technical studies being conducted by over 120 scientists and technicians for the relicensing of the McCloud-Pit Hydroelectric Project.  This large multidisciplinary project examines the potential effects of project operations and associated infrastructure of the McCloud-Pit Hydroelectric Project on natural, cultural, and recreational resources in an area spanning over 500 square miles. 

While many of the technical studies focus on establishing baseline conditions (geomorphic dynamics, vegetation communities, water quality, fish, amphibians, aquatic reptiles, raptors, bats, and terrestrial mammals), targeted field investigations to assess stream temperature, instream flow, and habitat assessments using modeling and GIS will provide the necessary information for evaluating alternative flow management scenarios that will balance ecosystem benefit with power generation.

The McCloud-Pit Project is in the process of seeking a new license to continue operation under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s new Integrated Licensing Process.  This project is one of the pioneers using this process.


McCloud River and Pit River, Shasta County, California

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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Scott Wilcox
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Over 34 technical studies by 120 scientists and technicians are being conducted for the relicensing of this project.

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