San Gregorio Creek Watershed Management Plan

An innovative, user-friendly, web-based information database developed by Stillwater Sciences for the San Gregorio Creek basin provides a rare opportunity for managers, land owners, and ecologists alike to engage with all available data in this grassroots watershed planning effort. This graphic interface, which requires no special database or software to explore and use, provides a hands-on resource for all issues related to the watershed to help guide the development of the Watershed Management Plan.

The development of the Management Plan is a collaborative effort, led by the Natural Heritage Institute, the San Gregorio Environmental Resource Center, and a range of other partners including Stillwater Sciences, with funding from the State Water Resources Control Board. To help guide our discussion and establish baseline conditions, Stillwater Sciences is analyzing factors limiting four focus species currently occurring, albeit in low numbers, within the basin: California red-legged frog, coho salmon, steelhead, and tidewater goby. Through an iterative process of hypothesis generation and testing using existing data and focused field efforts, we have refined conceptual models for each of these species to help identify and prioritize restoration recommendations.


San Gregorio Creek, San Mateo County, California

Natural Heritage Institute

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Stillwater Sciences is helping to develop conceptual models and initial hypotheses regarding current watershed conditions, to help develop a Watershed Management Plan.

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