Humboldt Bay Power Plant Decomissioning Project

Stillwater biologists have been supporting the Pacific Gas and Electric Company during the decommissioning of the Humboldt Bay Power Plant’s (HBPP) nuclear and oil-fired generating units in King Salmon, California.   Stillwater has been involved with the following:

  • Canal Remediation Project: Stillwater Sciences is providing biological, permitting, restoration design, and construction monitoring support for the HBPP canal remediation project. The purpose of this project is to excavate radionuclide-contaminated sediment from the former intake and discharge cooling water canals and develop and implement a restoration plan.
  • Final Site Restoration Design and Permitting: Stillwater Sciences is providing engineering, biological, and permitting support for the design and implementation of the Final Site Restoration Plan that will commence upon completion of HBPP decommissioning. 
  • Fuel Pipeline Removal and Eelgrass/Salt Marsh Restoration: Stillwater Sciences evaluated impacts of removing a retired fuel oil pipline that ran from the HBPP to a deep water wharf in Humboldt Bay. Stillwater Sciences developed and implemented a salt marsh and eelgrass restoration plan and has recently completed the fifth year of monitoring of the restoration.
  • Fisherman’s Channel Dredging: Stillwater Sciences is developing a biological resource evaluation, biological assessment, and eelgrass mitigation and monitoring plan to support permitting for the proposed dredging and beneficial reuse of sediment from the King Salmon Fisherman’s Channel.
  • On-call Biological Services: Stillwater Sciences has provided a host of on-call biological services for PG&E in and around the HBPP and Humboldt Bay Generating Station (HBGS). Services include pre-construction surveys, bird nest evaluations, amphibian rescue and relocation, wetland and special-status plant surveys, and other biological consultation.
  • Buhne Point Mitigation Preserve Monitoring: Stillwater Sciences has conducted long-term wildlife, vegetation, and hydrologic monitoring of the Buhne Point Wetlands Preserve which was developed as mitigation for construction of HBGS and portions of the HBPP decommissioning project. Stillwater Sciences has also developed adaptive management for the Preserve and coordinated agency review and approval of monitoring.
  • Canal Alternatives Analysis: This project was an end-use alternatives analysis for three canals near the HBPP that were no longer needed for operational use (once-through cooling) following construction of the new HBGS.


Location:  King Salmon, Humboldt County, CA

Clients:  PG&E (Project 3 contracted directly to PG&E; remainder sub to CH2M)

Project Manager: Christine Champe, President, Principal, Senior Wildlife Biologist


Project Lead(s)

Christine Champe
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Emily King Teraoka
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Work Products

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Teraoka, E. and E. Craydon. 2013. Eelgrass restoration in Humboldt Bay, CA:
Craydon, E., E. Teraoka, and V. Dains. 2013. Monitoring restored wetlands a


Stillwater Sciences worked with construction crews to determine if site conditions met the regulatory requirements for returning site topography to pre-project conditions. Photograph of Stillwater Sciences project manager, Emily Teraoka, on the mudflat at low tide.

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