Lower Putah Creek Restoration Project

Putah Creek runs from the Coast Ranges down to the Yolo Bypass in the Delta, where our biologists are happily engaging in a very local restoration project (Putah Creek is only 5 miles from our Davis office). The project, funded through a California Department of Fish and Wildlife ERP grant, could ultimately include multiple improvements to enhance fish passage, create more suitable spawning habitat, and restore floodplain connectivity between tidal habitats in the lower reaches.

Stillwater Sciences is part of a multidisciplinary team involved in the Project, which spans several years, and is currently conducting necessary supporting studies for use in developing a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)-Ready Project description for restoration efforts. Supporting studies include evaluations of special status fish, wildlife, and plant communities that occur or have the potential to occur within the project area, and a soils, sediment, and geomorphology assessment.  Results of the habitat assessment will be included in the Project Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for CEQA and inform final restoration project design, which Stillwater Sciences will play a key role in.


Location: Lower Putah Creek, Solano and Yolo Counties, CA

Clients:  Yolo Basin Foundation, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Project Manager: Russ Liebig, Senior Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist

Project Lead(s)

Russell Liebig
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Map of the Lower Putah Creek Restoration Project area.

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