San Pablo Reservoir Water Quality Improvement Project

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (District) is conducting a water quality improvement project for San Pablo Reservoir, in El Sobrante, California.  Due to a recent increase of taste and odor compounds in the reservoir, the District is planning to determine the best options for reducing geosmin, MIB, and soluble manganese.  Stillwater Sciences is leading a team of consultants contracted to assist the District in this project.  The scope of the project is broken down into seven tasks:
Task 1) Project Management
Task 2) Review and Analyze Existing Information and Data
Task 3) Develop and Evaluate Alternatives to Reduce Geosmin, MIB, and Soluble Manganese
Task 4) Develop Preliminary Design for the Preferred Alternative
Task 5) Water Quality Monitoring Plan
Task 6) Final Report
Task 7) Short-term Water Quality Monitoring & Data Analyses

The Stillwater Team has reviewed and analyzed existing water quality data relevant to the formation of geosmin, MIB, and soluble manganese in San Pablo Reservoir and the Sobrante and San Pablo water treatment plant intakes, in order to characterize factors driving the recent increase of taste and odor compounds.

Stillwater led a Screening Workshop and an Alternatives Evaluation Workshop with District staff to identify feasible control measures for San Pablo Reservoir that would deliver the best benefit for the money spent.  We have also prepared an Alternatives Evaluation Report, which identifies the preferred alternative solution(s) to reduce geosmin, MIB, and manganese levels.

The Stillwater Team is currently developing the preliminary design for the preferred alternative, including installation and operation. This has included pre-design coordination meetings and a field visit, and will culminate in a preliminary design workshop and report.  Lastly, the Stillwater Team will develop a water quality monitoring plan for the reservoir, including implementation, effectiveness, and validation monitoring elements.  A final report will summarize the findings of the previous tasks and will provide the District with a set of recommendations to reduce future concentrations of geosmin, MIB, and soluble manganese in San Pablo Reservoir.


Location:  San Pablo Reservoir, El Sobrante, California

Clients  East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)

Project Manager: Maia Singer

Project Lead(s)

Maia Singer
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Work Products

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Key Factors Influencing the Production of Taste & Odor Compounds


San Pablo Creek, the primary inlet to San Pablo Resrevoir, El Sobrante, CA

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