Stillwater attending the 2017 Tamarisk Coalition Conference

Dr. Bruce Orr and AJ Keith of Stillwater Sciences will be attending the 2017 Tamarisk Coalition Conference in Fort Collins, Colorado on Feb. 7-9th.  This year’s conference will focus on innovative riparian restoration projects and approaches, including Dr. Orr’s presentation on “Adapting to Change and Restoring Resilient Riparian Ecosystems in the Southwest”.  Co-authors include several other notables, including Stillwater’s Glen Leverich and Zooey Diggory and Dr. Orr’s daughter and UC Santa Barbara graduate student, Devyn Orr. Please see more about this conference and be sure to catch this talk on riparian systems across the southwest that have been altered by human land and water management actions and how we can develop and implement restoration strategies to help us put these systems on a path towards more desirable states that will be relatively self-sustaining and resilient to future stressors.