Stillwater awarded the 2017 Distinguished Project Award in Fisheries Engineering and Ecohydrology

Stillwater and team received the 2017 Distinguished Project Award in Fisheries Engineering and Ecohydrology award from ASCE Environmental & Water Resource Institute and AFS Bioengineering Section Fisheries Engineering Committee for our contribution to evaluating fish passage at Soda Springs Dam!

This award was presented to the following on June 21, 2017 at Fish Passage 2017 in Corvallis, Oregon: Rich Grost, Scott Schevenius, Eric Hansen, Tim Hemstreet, Mark Sturtevant, Steve Albertelli, Monte Garrett, and the North Umpqua Hydropower Project Crew (PacifiCorp), Clint Smith (MWH Americas), Dirk Pedersen (Stillwater Sciences), George Gilmour (Meridian Environmental), and the Resource Coordinating Committee (PacifiCorp, BLM, ODEQ, ODFW, OWRD, NMFS, USFS, USFWS).

Stillwater is assisting PacifiCorp and resource agencies with evaluating the potential effects of predation by non-native brown trout in Soda Springs Reservoir on juvenile anadromous salmonids produced in newly accessible reaches upstream of the reservoir. Project components include a mark-recapture study to estimate the population of piscivorous-sized brown trout in the reservoir, an evaluation of predator consumption using gastric lavage, a bioenergetics modeling component to evaluate predation based on predator growth rates, estimates of juvenile production from reaches upstream of the reservoir based on rotary screw trapping, and estimates of juvenile survival through the reservoir based on rotary screw traps and PIT tag data. Results from these studies will inform whether predator control measures are warranted, and set removal targets if needed. 

Thanks to The News Review for covering our work.

The News-Review “Biologists use electricity to catch fish for counting study” September 22, 2017