Stillwater now has a Boulder, CO office!

Stillwater Sciences is pleased to announce the opening of an office in Boulder, Colorado! We welcome Julie Ash, PE, Johannes Beeby, and Travis Stroth to our team. Ash, Beeby, and Stroth bring engineering design, hydrology, and sediment transport expertise and have decades of experience supporting watershed management and restoration projects throughout Colorado. They join AJ Keith, a Colorado native and long-time Stillwater employee, in our new Colorado office. AJ is a fisheries biologist and aquatic ecologist specializing in aquatic resource management, restoration, and regulatory compliance.

Julie Ash, PE is a senior river engineer and a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado with 25 years of experience in river restoration and engineering. Julie's expertise includes planning, design, and implementation of projects with diverse goals from floodplain reconnection and fisheries enhancement to diversion structure replacement and risk reduction or resiliency improvement and design components that include streambed and bank stabilization treatments, overflow channels, instream stability and habitat structures, and bioengineering treatments.

Johannes Beeby is a senior hydrologist with over nine years of experience as a project manager and technical lead on various projects involving: river restoration design, watershed and geomorphic assessments, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and modeling, biologic and ecologic assessments, and water quality investigations. Although his educational background is primarily in hydrology, Johannes has extensive experience in geomorphic assessments and acts as design and construction oversight lead on many river restoration projects. Johannes relies on a skill set that he has developed through his career including, watershed assessments, river assessment and design, field data collection and analysis, snow surveys, 1D and 2D hydraulic modeling, sediment transport analyses, total station survey, GPS, and GIS analysis and modeling.

Travis Stroth is a water resource engineer with specialized academic training and two years of applied river analysis experience that have created a unique strength in geomorphic and sediment transport analysis, specifically in design application of the full scope of watershed processes from basin-scale hydrology to reach-scale hydraulics. His technical expertise includes 1D and 2D hydraulic modeling using HEC-RAS and SRH-2D in SMS, sediment transport modeling, and extensive knowledge utilizing R and Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications coding languages to build models and tools. Travis’ hydrologic analysis expertise includes hydrologic metric assessment and evaluation of peak flows, base flows, and rate of change based on available flow data and previous basin hydrology analyses.

AJ Keith has 25 years of experience in fisheries ecology and aquatic resource management, analyzing the effects of water and land management on aquatic and riparian communities and sensitive native species.  He manages and provides technical expertise for projects that integrate multidisciplinary conservation and management strategies for listed and sensitive species, emphasizing solutions based on ecological linkages between physical processes and biological response. His recent work has focused on the ecology, restoration, and management of at-risk native fish populations and habitat in rivers throughout Colorado, California, and the desert Southwest.

Download an overview of our Boulder office services [pdf, 2.7M]