Stillwater Presented Research at River Restoration Northwest

Stillwater’s Byron Amerson and Derek Booth presented research findings and chaired a session, respectively, at the 2009 Northwest Stream Restoration Design Symposium, presented by River Restoration Northwest from February 2 to 5 at the Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington. In the “Dam Removal” session, Mr. Amerson, Geomorphologist and Aquatic Ecologist, presented results of Stillwater’s research and work on three northwest rivers that demonstrate the need for gravel augmentation downstream of dams is not always justified.  Dr. Booth, Senior Geomorphologist and President, was the invited chair of the session, “Guiding Salmon Restoration through Digital Models that Link Landscape Attributes with Salmon Populations."  Dr. William Dietrich, co-developer with Stillwater Sciences of the RIPPLE salmon population model, presented in this session the utility of the model's limiting factors analysis in upland watersheds. 

Posted 3 February 2009