Glen Leverich participates in Sespe Creek sedimentation study

Working with the Ventura County Watershed Protection District, Glen Leverich participated in a special field effort to view areas of the Sespe Creek watershed suspected of exhibiting increased rates of erosion in response to the 2006 Day Fire.  The fire, which burned one-third of the watershed in 2006, denuded vegetation from hillslopes and may ultimately lead to accumulation of fine sediment in the creek.  The potential increase of sedimentation downstream has raised concerns over elevated flood risks near the city of Fillmore.  The county is presently working with RBF Consulting, Stillwater Sciences, and Aqua Terra to determine the effects of the fire on hydrology, hillslope erosion processes, channel morphology, and flood risks throughout the watershed, with greater focus in the Fillmore area.
Reporters from the Ventura County Star newspaper chronicled the field effort as part of their article on flood risks in Fillmore.  The article is available here.

Posted 6 December 2008