Fisheries support to Arcata’s Forest Management Committee

Dennis Halligan, Senior Fisheries Biologist, has been appointed to the City of Arcata’s Forest Management Committee. Dennis will use his expertise in fisheries biology to provide feedback and guidance on implementation of the Arcata Community Forest/Jacoby Creek Forest Management Plan as well as any other forest management issues within city limits.  The Forest Management Committee consists of seven members who have backgrounds and expertise in multi-resource forest management, which includes forest ecology, forest management, watershed management, wildlife, fisheries, botany and recreation. Dennis joins esteemed colleagues Lowell Diller, Russell Forsburg, Michael Furniss, Danny Hagans, Jim Naylor, and Yana Valachovic, as well as Mark Andre, staff liaison.

The Arcata Community Forest, which forms the visual backdrop for the city, was established in 1955 and is comprised of 2,134 acres (863 ha) of second growth redwood forest. Timber harvest revenue funds forest operations, habitat restoration, and management of the forest for recreational uses (hiking, mountain biking, nature walks, and horseback riding). The Arcata Forest was the first municipal forest certified in the U.S. under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Posted 23 April 2012