Dr. Bruce Orr Presents “How to Build Restoration Projects to Withstand Disturbance”


Dr. Bruce Orr will present “How to Build Restoration Projects to Withstand Disturbance” at the Cross-Watershed Network’s annual workshop on October 5th and 6th  in Pueblo, Colorado. 

Dr. Orr will explore with workshop attendants a variety of strategies for increasing resilience to disturbance in river and riparian restoration projects. One such strategy involves understanding how the genetics of foundation and dominant species could improve overall restoration success by identifying and focusing on establishing species found to be able to withstand future conditions. A plant’s genotype affects its ability to adapt and thrive by controlling the plant’s pest and disease resistance, drought tolerance, growth and carbon sequestration rates, nutrient cycling, and other factors. These factors, in turn, affect the physical and biological ecosystem community around the individual plant including soil fertility, presence of dependent species, and more. Identifying and maintaining the genetic diversity of foundation or dominant species is therefore critical for species adaptation and resiliency and overall ecosystem function especially during these times of accelerated changes in climate. 

For more information, visit the Cross Watershed website: http://www.tamariskcoalition.org/cross-watershed-network-workshop

Posted October 6, 2015