Conflicts in Conservation book published with a chapter co-authored by Dr. Amy Merrill

Stillwater is proud to announce the release of a new book, Conflicts in Conservation: Navigating Towards Solutions, with a chapter co-authored by a team of ten including our very own Dr. Amy Merrill.  The book was written based on the authors’ experience as the congressionally appointed Independent Science Panel to review the successes and failures of an experiment in collaboratively managing federal forest service lands, as directed and funded under the Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Act (QLG).

The chapter co-authored by Dr. Merrill and her team, “Legislated Collaboration in a Conservation Conflict: A Case Study of the Quincy Library Group, California”,  looks at the QLG as an example of legislated collaboration to resolve resources management conflicts among many different entities operating at several scales (e.g. local, state and federal). They review the barriers to resolving these conflicts in spite of legislative and monetary support over  the 13 years that the pilot was operating (1999 to 2012) and discuss how and to what degree these issues were resolved, and what lessons can be learned from this experiment. Other chapters in the book describe examples from around the world of resource managers helping to resolve conflicts using various frameworks and strategies.  

This must-read book for conservation practitioners is now published in Europe and will be available in the U.S. in 6-8 weeks.

Posted May 18, 2015