Condit Dam to be demolished

PacifiCorp began demolition of the 125-ft Condit Dam on the White Salmon River in Washington state on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, opening up 14 miles of habitat for Lower Columbia River Chinook on the White Salmon and its tributaries, and mid-Columbia River steelhead will regain access to 33 miles of habitat in the watershed. Stillwater biologists have been conducting various aquatic monitoring efforts associated with the settlement agreement, including assessing fish passage both before and after dam removal. Dr. Jody Lando and Liz Gilliam were among the few biologists permitted to view and assess potential impacts of the breach. Photos from their observation deck will be posted here after the event.

The settlement agreement, hammered out over ten years ago, has been mired in controversy and delayed repeatedly. Condit will be the second-highest dam ever removed in the United States. Glines Canyon Dam on Washington’s Elwha River, at 210 feet, was the highest, and began demolition earlier this year.

For more information on Stillwater’s projects in dam removal, go here.

Posted 21 October 2011