Bank Swallow Conservation

Dr. Bruce Orr participated in the Bank Swallow Technical Advisory Committee (BANS-TAC) and contributed to the development of a bank swallow conservation strategy for the Sacramento Watershed. The BANS-TAC is a diverse coalition of State and federal agency and non-governmental organization personnel, created in response to the continued decline of bank swallow (Riparia riparia) populations on the Sacramento River. The bank swallow is a state-listed threatened species that, as its scientific name implies, is intimately tied to riparian habitats. Its presence in sustainable numbers is an indicator of a healthy river system on which many of California’s species depend. Most bank swallows in California nest along the Sacramento River and its tributaries, excavating burrows in vertical banks created by natural river processes. Their habitat is especially prone to adverse impacts from flood control and bank protection efforts.
The BANS-TAC produced the conservation strategy (linked below) to provide direction to better protect and recover the Bank Swallow in California, as well as benefit the many other species dependent on natural river systems.
Link to the report:

posted 29 July 2013.