Bay-Delta Conference, Sacramento, CA - October 2012

Stillwater’s work in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta has grown in the last couple of years with focused restoration efforts in the North Delta at Prospect Island and supporting the NEPA analysis of the FWS Biological Opinion for long-term operations of the Delta water operations. Stillwater biologists will be attending the biennial Bay-Delta Conference October 16-18 in Sacramento. Stillwater biologists Dr. Noah Hume, Dr. Bruce Orr, Dr. Amy Merrill, Scott Wilcox, and Megan Keever are co-authors on papers to be presented at the conference (“Restoring Prospect Island: Application of Adaptive Management” and “Restoration and management for a changing Delta “, and “Can Rice and Tule Wetlands Help Manage a Changing Delta?”)

In addition, Dr. Merrill will be moderating a session on “Managing Delta Lands to Reverse Subsidence and Sequester Carbon.” The session will highlight some of the work that Dr. Merrill and others have been conducting relating rice farming and tule wetland restoration with carbon sequestration, water conveyance security, and water quality in the Delta.

Posted 12 October 2012.