Stillwater Sciences wins contract to study Oregon lamprey habitat

Stillwater Sciences recently won a contract from the U.S. Forest Service to perform an assessment of lamprey habitat upstream of Soda Springs Dam on the North Umpqua River in Oregon.  A $60 million fish ladder was completed in November 2012 at the PacifiCorp-operated Soda Springs Dam, allowing upstream passage by anadromous fish into the upper North Umpqua River tributaries for the first time in 60 years.

With lamprey populations at reduced levels in other parts of the Umpqua basin, newly accessible habitat upstream of Soda Springs Dam may provide critical spawning and rearing habitat for lamprey species. To assess upstream habitat potential, Stillwater Sciences, led by our in-house lamprey expert Abel Brumo, will conduct quantitative spawning and rearing habitat surveys for both Pacific lamprey and western brook lamprey in approximately 7 miles of channel, including reservoir, mainstem, and tributary reaches.  Study results will inform understanding of lamprey habitat distribution, quantity, and quality above the dam and will help guide future conservation and restoration efforts in the upper North Umpqua River.

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posted 14 August 2013.