Ecological engineering at Arkansas conference

Building on ongoing work in the Klamath Basin, Dr. Maia Singer, Senior Aquatic Ecologist and Water Quality Specialist, will be presenting at the American Ecological Engineering Society’s (AEES) annual workshop being held May 15th – 17th in association with the Arkansas Water Resources Center’s annual watershed and research conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas. During the workshop, Maia will be moderating the session on “Ecological Design Perspectives and Practices,” presenting a talk on “Constructed Wetlands for Water Quality and Wildlife,” and participating in the design charrette related to water quality issues at Lake Francis, Fayetteville, AK. 

The AEES promotes the development of sustainable ecosystems that integrate human society with its natural environment for the benefit of both by fostering education and outreach, extending professional development and associations, raising public awareness, and encouraging original research. Maia is currently serving as the chair of the Society’s Certified Ecological Designer (CED) and Associate Ecological Designer (AED) program.  The program is intended to foster high quality ecosystem design through the application of multidisciplinary science, and the society provides annual workshops that partially satisfy the requirements for the two certifications. 

Posted 15 May 2013.