Eel River Lamprey Research

In recent years, Stillwater Sciences has been working closely with the Wiyot Tribe to improve understanding of and restore Pacific lamprey populations in the Eel River Basin in northern California. These efforts are collectively referred to as the Eel River Pacific Lamprey Restoration Project. Stillwater Sciences and the Wiyot Tribe were recently awarded a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Tribal Wildlife Grant for their collaborative proposal to conduct a basinwide passage assessment and produce a plan for prioritizing barriers (e.g. culverts) for remediation. This evaluation was a key recommendation from initial work Stillwater conducted on the Project. The grant also provides funds for conducting a first-phase limiting factors analysis for Pacific lamprey in the Eel River Basin, the first of its kind, and for improving the capacity of the Wiyot Tribe to conduct fisheries research.  Abel Brumo, the project lead for Stillwater, was recently invited to present on the project at the South Coast Lamprey Summit, in Coos Bay, Oregon on May 22. This regional conference highlighted recent research on lamprey, native oysters, condors, and other tribally important species and featured presentations by experts on these species.

Posted on 25 May 2012