Napa River rare plant monitoring

Megan Keever, botanist, is presenting a poster summarizing a 10-year study of Mason’s Lilaeopsis along 7 miles in the Napa River watershed at the 4th annual botanical symposium of the Northern California Botanists in Chico Monday and Tuesday, January 10 and 11, 2011. Mason’s Lilaeopsis is a California state rare plant. The monitoring was conducted to ensure Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District’s restoration activities within the watershed were meeting appropriate mitigation targets.

Download Megan et. al.’s poster presentation (pdf, 1.4M).
Download print-ready handout summarizing results.

Results from the ten years of surveys are also available at our Google Maps Mashup site:  On this site, it is possible to see each occurrence of L. masonii documented within a particular survey year including the annual geographic extent and condition of the occurrence in 2010. 

Posted 7 January 2011.