Tidewater Goby Rescue and Relocation

Federally endangered tidewater gobies are found only in California, primarily in coastal lagoons and estuaries. In Gannon Slough, an intertidal extension of Humboldt Bay, California the population of tidewater goby is declining.  In coordination with the USFWS, it is important to identify the locations of individuals and to protect those that are known to be present. Stillwater biologists just completed fish removal and relocation activities for a Pacific Gas and Electric Company gas pipeline stabilization project within Gannon Slough. The construction project was to stabilize eroding levee walls, which were threatening the integrity of a natural gas pipeline crossing.

A Federal Endangered Species Act Section 10(a)(1)(a) permit to handle tidewater gobies was required to complete the work. In support of ESA consultation, Stillwater conducted protocol-level surveys for tidewater gobies in 2006.  Prior to construction in 2010, Stillwater conducted the fish rescue following the methods identified in the Tidewater Goby Recovery Plan, and provided advice on cofferdam construction and dewatering procedures within the construction area. While no tidewater gobies were observed, we rescued and relocated hundreds of estuarine fish, Dungeness crabs, and shrimp.

 Posted 8 October 2010