Episodic streams and the California landscape

Dr. Derek Booth is one of the invited speakers at a conference focusing on “Episodic streams: imperatives for assessment and environmental planning in California” running November 8-10 in Costa Mesa, California and organized by UC Berkeley, California Department of Fish and Game, and the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Over half of California is arid or semi-arid, and the purpose of this conference is to bring hydrologists, geomorphologists, biologists, restoration ecologists, managers, and regulators together to assess environmental impacts and develop design guidance for modifications across the California landscape.

Stillwater has been working in the Santa Clara River basin in Ventura County for over five years, beginning with a floodplain restoration feasibility study and continuing with more focused studies of sediment transport and geomorphic evaluations in the upper watershed and tributaries, as well as assessing estuarine water quality conditions. Geomorphologist Glen Leverich is presenting some of our geomorphic work in the basin with a poster at this conference.

Posted on 8 November 2010.