Stillwater is selected to provide environmental services to Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) for new hydroelectric operating license:

The Stillwater Sciences team was selected as one of three providers of Professional Services in support of Hydro License Implementation for the Upper American River Project and for Overlapping License Conditions for PG&E’s Chili Bar Project.  This contract will generate an estimated 3 million dollars in new labor for Stillwater over the next  five years.  Stillwater’s performance leading the aquatic biology studies during SMUD’s lengthy relicensing process was critical to the selection.  Under the new license SMUD will require assistance with a myriad of studies related to streambank stability, sediment management, fish passage, avian protection, vegetation monitoring, rare plant protection, and invasive weed management.  Stillwater is pleased to continue our nine-year relationship with SMUD, providing technical expertise for wildlife, vegetation, fisheries, aquatic ecology, geomorphology, and water quality services.