Presenting the latest in river restoration techniques

Successful river restoration results from the application of process-based approaches aimed at restoring the physical, ecological and hydrologic functions of a river or stream.  The River Restoration Northwest Symposium brings together project planners, designers, engineers, biologists, regulators, land managers and community stewards throughout the Pacific Northwest to share successful restoration techniques and “lessons learned”.  Information presented at the annual event is the culmination of years of field application and scientific investigation into the social, economic and technical aspects of river restoration. 

Stillwater Sciences is providing two presentations at the 9th Annual Symposium, February 1st through the 4th, 2010.  Yantao Cui will be presenting “Sediment Transport Following Dam Removal: Prediction, Interpretation and Comparison Between Observation and Prediction” during the Numerical Modeling Applications session Wednesday February 3rd at 4:00. Stillwater scientists Ethan Bell, John Wooster, Jennifer Aspittle, Bruce Orr, Frank Ligon, and previous employees Andrew Wilcox and Jen Vick collaborated on this study. Derek Booth and Yantao Cui will be presenting “Management, Monitoring and Restoring Urban Streams” during the Urban Streams session Thursday February 4th at 3:00. 

Other topics range from estuarine processes, invasive organisms, biological monitoring and numerous case studies with an additional poster session, banquet dinners and raffles.  The conference is held at the Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.  

Posted 29 January 2010