Stillwater Scientists presented at Klamath Basin Science Conference

Scientists, resource managers and policy makers convened to discuss the Klamath River Basin ecosystem and its future at the Klamath Basin Science Conference in Medford, OR, Feb 1-5th.  The purpose of the conference was to build scientific collaboration and to identify additional research needed to make informed decisions about natural resource, land, and water use needs in the basin.  Ethan Bell, Fisheries Biologist, presented on the “Effects of Sediment Release Following Dam Removal on the Aquatic Biota of the Klamath River: Application of Results from a Fine Sediment Transport Model.”  Yantao Cui, Sediment transport modeler, presented his model for dam removal and sediment transport, “DREAM-1 and Its Application to Klamath River Dam Removal Sediment Transport Simulation.“

Posted 3 February 2010