Our scientists are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. Our services reflect that passion, and benefit from the combined experience of our staff.

While we have experts in various disciplines, we really shine when these scientists work together to tease out solutions that may not be clear when looked at from just a single disciplinary view. In addition to our particular expertise in wetland delineations, or sediment budgets, for example, we also have unique approaches to comprehensive floodplain restoration planning, multidisciplinary hydroelectric relicensing processes, and salmon limiting factors analyses, to name a few.  

We will happily help you on a single-issue task, and we will also eagerly tackle the issues that you’re not even sure where to begin.

Fish and Aquatic Ecology

Most of the projects we tackle have the overall objective of restoring and maintaining healthy, sustainable, aquatic ecosystems and native fish populations


We use geomorphic principles to help understand relationships between organisms and their environment, provide mechanisms by which stream flow affects sediment movement downstream, and design and evaluate floodplain and channel restoration efforts.

Civil/Environmental Engineering

Our civil engineers work closely with our geomorphologists, biologists and restoration ecologists to develop project designs that provide maximum environmental resource benefits while maintaining other beneficial uses such as flood protection, erosion control, water supply, and water quality.

Construction Services

From infrastructure upgrades to bridge construction, many engineering and construction projects require environmental permitting and construction monitoring. Stillwater Sciences provides a comprehensive set of environmental services designed to help you streamline the regulatory process and get your project off the ground within a tight schedule.

SGMA and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Services

As part of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), local groundwater basins are required to ensure that groundwater management does not adversely affect groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs). We excel at linking physical and biological processes.

Watershed Planning Services

Stillwater Sciences has in-depth experience developing and implementing watershed-based resource management plans, including Watershed Management Plans, Master Plans, and Integrated Regional Water Management Plans (IRWMP), in coordination with USACE Master Planning efforts.

Botany & Riparian Vegetation

From rare plant surveys to restoration programs, we find sustainable and long-term solutions for your habitat management needs.

Hydroelectric Projects

We support our clients to efficiently and effectively navigate the regulatory processes by identifying key questions that we address with targeted and sound scientific investigations. Our integrated approach emphasizes consensus-based decision-making among stakeholders.

Fish Passage

Blocking fish? We can help you plan, design, and provide fish passage over migration barriers.

Water Quality

Our water quality expertise ranges from point samples to large-scale TMDLs.


We use established survey protocols and innovative technologies to monitor sensitive wildlife populations in the field and develop programs to protect or restore these populations.

GIS and Spatial Analysis

Using spatial data analysis, we'll provide you with an understanding of the processes and mechanisms for what we observe in the field.

Environmental Planning & Permits

Allow us to help you effectively and efficiently navigate the details of environmental regulations, permits, and compliance to get your project off the ground, whether it’s a levee restoration or a hydro project relicensing.

Restoration Planning

We provide everything from planning to on-the-ground implementation of river and wetland restoration with the goal of improving habitat conditions that are long-term and self-sustaining in the most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial manner.

Urban Streams Management

Urban watersheds pose a unique management challenge of balancing public safety with regulatory requirements and overall ecosystem health.

Dam Removal

Using our modeling and biological expertise, we can help you predict potential downstream impacts of removing dams, including flood risk, and help guide stakeholders to agreement on removal alternatives.

Tidal/Estuary Dynamics

Our interdisciplinary expertise can help navigate the large-scale morphological and biological issues that affect this constantly changing landscape.